Best Backdrops For Proposals

When you pop the question to the love of the life, you want everything to be perfect and magical. While you probably put a considerable amount of time and energy in picking out the right ring and moment to propose, the matter of the backdrop might have slipped your mind. When the moment happens, you want to be aware of the surroundings and we have a few suggestions for the best backdrops for proposals. 


The beach is a romantic place to pop the question no doubt. The background is also romantic thanks to the lapping of the waves coupled with the horizon and setting sun if you time it right. This is a naturally beautiful backdrop for this important moment in your life. 


Another one of the best backdrops for proposals has to do with water but in a different way. A beautiful fountain is a nice backdrop for a proposal especially since the water will cascade in the background of the man on bended knee for a beautiful moment captured with something pretty in the background. 

Botanical Garden 

A lush landscape of green and vibrant flowers always looks great as a backdrop. Since this is the beginning of a new start in your love story, it makes sense to propose in a place where the notion of fresh starts and blooms of beauty feature prominently. 


There is just something majestic and breathtaking about mountains in general that makes them an ideal backdrop for your proposal. While this one may be a bit harder to plan out, the end result is certainly worth it. 

Old Building 

For the old school romantic at heart, an old building in the background is a beautiful way to show the undying nature of your love. Whether this building has particular significance to your as a couple or is just a beautiful piece of time-honored architecture, this is a lovely backdrop for this important question. 

City Lights at Night 

For the modern couple, the city lights at night are a lovely backdrop to embody your way of life. If you met and fell in love in the city, it makes perfect sense to incorporate that as a backdrop on your proposal. While a city in the daytime is all about hustle and bustle, a city at night is more romantic and will offer a twinkling and shine to the moment.