Simon G. prides itself on the quality of each piece, which is meticulously crafted to be timeless. We offer a lifetime warranty that covers any issues related to the manufacturing quality of the purchased item:

  • Porosity and other issues with metals
  • Assembled item issues
  • Alloy issues, such as rose gold discoloring

Note that rings must be within 1/2 the size of the original manufactured size at the time the warranty claim is made. Excludes Mosaic ring styles, Eternity Bands and Men's rings with patterns (resizing these pieces voids the warranty).

All work on any Simon G. piece must be done in our facilities with the help of an authorized retailer for the warranty to remain valid. Any outside work will void the lifetime warranty.

To file a warranty claim, please visit an authorized retailer near you. They will help you with next steps if you originally purchased from any retail location or on our website. Please note that you will likely have to ship the item(s) to our production facility so that we can determine if any needed repairs are covered under our warranty guidelines. We do not cover the cost of shipping item(s) to us.