Exquisitely Handcrafted Necklaces For Women
Behind every necklace in our collection there is a creative vision and an artisan. Through a delicate process, our jewelers ensure the precious metals in every piece are properly alloyed for hardness, durability, and color tone. Diamond and colored gemstones are hand set. Pieces are polished from every angle for a lasting luster.
Whether it’s a piece for yourself or a gift for her, each necklace and pendant we craft showcases our passion and love for the artistry of jewelry making. 
Necklace Options For All Occasions
Necklaces and pendants remain a favored fine jewelry piece, perfect for any event. Whether you’re attending a formal occasion or a casual night out, complete your look with a Simon G. necklace. Our master jewelers craft stunning pieces from a range of precious metals and gemstones.
Traditional Gold Necklaces
Gold is a timeless precious metal that will always be in fashion. Yellow gold is the most traditional variety and complements almost every style. 
In our collection you’ll find many examples of finely crafted 18k gold necklaces and pendants — perfect as a gift or to celebrate any occasion.
Everyday Diamond Pendants
Diamond pendants have been worn for centuries and are renowned for their brilliance. The jewelers at Simon G. expertly set diamonds into a range of refined pendant designs. 
Available in metals like white gold, rose gold, and more, a diamond pendant from Simon G. showcases the passion of a creative vision and will last a lifetime.
Contemporary White & Rose Gold
While yellow gold is a more traditional option, white and rose gold offer contemporary glamor. When combined with diamonds or colored gems, white gold pendant necklaces make striking pieces of fine jewelry.
With their light pink coloration, rose gold necklaces are softer, subtler pieces that are equally as suited for everyday wear or special occasions.
Color Gemstones
A gemstone necklace combines the allure of precious metals with the rich colors of gemstones like emerald and ruby. Our gemstone necklaces showcase a variety of beautifully crafted designs that combine diamonds, gold, and colored stones to create unique pieces.
Express Your Style With Unique Pendant Designs
Simon G. handcrafts beautiful women’s pendant necklaces that can complement any look. From the natural motifs expressed through our Monarch and Fallen Leaves fashion collections to the vivid hues of the diamond and colored gemstone pendants in our Tempera collection, there’s a design for every woman. 

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