Dress Him Up!



Navy blazers, button ups, a high quality watch.
His favorite items have been in style for decades and will continue to be for decades to come.
He'll need something that will only get better with age, just like him. A wedding band with a diamond edge is a timeless style perfect for him.
classic men
" This ring is JB to a T. Classy, simple, and good looking.
He has always mentioned wanting diamonds in his ring, and I love how the diamonds in this ring are subtle yet still make a statement."
–Elly Brown of Uptown with Elly Brown


He knows the difference between and oxford and brogue and can pull off looks that others would be afraid to. When his friends get married or have special events, they turn to him for style advice because he's known to always look on point. A perfect choice for him will have to stand out from the crowd, like this ring with two tones of gold and a diamond. 
man reading
This is a man who not afraid of a pattern, an unexpected color, or a unique accessory. Is he suffering not able to have occasions to show off his style? Have a cocktail hour at home for just the two of you, or schedule a ‘Fancy Friday’ themed video chat with friends.


He is the one you turn to whenever you have a question about your laptop or phone. He might sometimes wear the ubiquitous gray hoodie and sneakers, but is always interested in the latest innovations as well, like technical fabric and travel gear that can hold all his devices. He's into clean lines, optimized comfort, and monochrome color palettes. Sleek gray gold with no frills will blend seamlessly with his wardrobe.
Hopefully he is currently well prepared for times like these, already used to spending much of his time on the computer, so be sure to remind him to take a break every now and then!


Rugged, handsome, he's who you'd want around a cabin or a campsite. His belongings must be durable enough to last, so he looks for unostentatious quality in his flannels and hiking boots. A brushed gold finish will stand up to his lifestyle. Is he itching to get back to the trails right now? Suggest a new backyard gardening or carpentry project.
outdoor man
“This brushed band is the perfect band for Jeff. He prefers the subtle brushed metal to a shiny band because he works in his wood shop all day. We love Simon G.”
– Lisa Allen, CEO, Salty Lashes


Effortlessly edgy and incredibly innovative, this trendsetter crafts his own path through life. He has a magical ability to hone in on the best vintage finds and has the best record collection. Original and inventive, he usually has some kind of creative hobby if it is not already his main career- playing in a band, sculpting,  glassblowing, digital art. Black diamonds will satisfy his discerning taste.
creative man
This is the perfect opportunity for him to complete some those unfinished projects that always seem to appear around the house. Ask him to make something for you, write you song, paint a mural on the wall- something that will be sure to keep his hands busy.