May’s birthstone is the beautiful emerald.

A seductive deep green colored stone said to possess qualities that enhance vitality to any wearer.
We spoke with Heather Murphy from The Center of One about the properties and qualities of this incredible gemstone,
and what makes emeralds quite so special.
"Stones all have there own energetic property, which can transfer to any wearer. The emerald’s frequency vibrates at 136.10HZ which aligns to the Heart Chakra- our center of unconditional love, and wisdom.
The emerald itself is probably the most Vital stone we can have on us because it energetically enhances circulation, which supports immunity, strength, and healing. It is called the healing stone." 
-Heather Murphy from The Center of One
color ring


There is a natural draw to our eye to the color green. It’s Mother Nature, representing 
rebirth, growth, success, connectivity, elegance and beauty.
“You lean into the energy and color of emeralds, its very becoming, you want it to be close to you…It draws you in, you wan’t to feel it, touch it, taste it, smell it, be wrapped in it…I love that idea of being wrapped in emeralds!”

-Heather Murphy from The Center of One

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