Top Vintage Style Engagement Ring Trends

It’s no secret that some of the most influential jewelry designs and styles were formed in the past.

You can see inspiration from the Victorian era to the Art Deco scene in many of the vintage style engagement rings worn by brides today.

These vintage styles are often unique and can feature intricate designs or simple engagement ring styles. Despite these opposites, vintage inspired engagement rings have specific features that give them a distinctive look.

Learn more about what makes a ring design vintage and the most popular vintage style engagement rings from Simon G. Jewelry.

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Vintage inspired Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings
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What is a Vintage Style Engagement Ring?

There are two major details that give modern engagement rings a vintage style:

  1. Diamond Shape
  2. Band Style

In the past it was more common to see a larger variety of ring shapes. While the round diamond has been the engagement ring featured in commercials and billboards for quite some time, different diamond shapes have all spent time in the spotlight.

Popular diamond shapes that evoke vintage styling:

  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Emerald
  • Princess
  • Oval

Vintage designs often make use of different colored gemstones, as well as ornate diamond halos. Whether you’re interested in a simple engagement ring or exquisite vintage style there are options with traditional flair for every taste.

Just like the diamond shapes, the selection of ring band styles is varied and diverse as well. Vintage styled bands are sometimes thick to accommodate ornate diamond ring halos or thin for an understated traditional engagement ring style.

Bands will often have extra adornment from additional diamonds to intricate wax cut filigree patterns and designs.

Let’s take a look at some examples of intricate designs and simple diamond engagement ring styles that are vintage inspired.

Vintage Style Pear Shaped Diamond Rings

Pear shaped diamonds have come back into style for the natural motion their asymmetrical design gives to your hand. Their unique shape can be accentuated by a halo setting or stand all on its own for a more slender understated style.

This pear cut diamond engagement ring takes simple aesthetics and makes them stunning. Featuring a pear cut center stone set securely in 5 white gold prongs with .16 ctw of white diamonds channel set in the band. 

This ring is brilliant and bold with an immaculate shine in the light.

This vintage engagement ring style is a perfect combination and intricate and subtle. This pear shaped diamond sits on top of a hidden halo of brilliant white diamonds to create a refined timeless piece.

This ring is available from Simon G Jewelry in a variety of precious metals including 18k rose gold, and 18k white platinum.

Vintage Style Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

The first marquise diamond ever created was commissioned by King Louis XV of France. Ever since the 18th century these diamonds have carried the air of opulence and luxury.

At Simon G Jewelry we love the versatility of marquise diamonds and how they naturally accentuate the shape of fingers.

No detail is spared in this marquise diamond engagement ring which surrounds a marquise diamond with smaller round diamonds in the distinct marquise shape.

The diamonds set in the band of this ring are .83 ctw of baguette diamonds for an extravagant style. 

This solitaire style simple diamond engagement ring lets the marquise cut diamond take the full spotlight on top of a hidden halo and side profile of white diamonds. This vintage engagement ring style is not only sleek, but secure.

The four prong setting helps to protect the most fragile edges of the marquise diamond. A design like this requires a diamond highly rated for color and clarity.

Emerald Cut Vintage Style Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut diamonds have long been the choice of cultivated taste. The pre-cut diamond requires a high clarity score that must then be perfectly cut.

Emerald cut diamonds are simultaneously some of the most unique and most challenging for jewelers. Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are highly sought after because they scatter light in brilliant flashes differently than a traditional round diamond sparkle.

This emerald cut diamond engagement ring setting is equal parts graceful and tasteful. The center rectangular stone is flanked on either side by white diamonds that are channel set into the band.

While this muted style engagement ring isn’t one of a kind, it’s always in fashion.

This stylish and unencumbered emerald cut diamond ring design uses our Simon G hidden halo setting for a polished charm and aesthetic. Pave set diamonds in the band help this simple engagement ring shine from any angle.

Vintage Inspired Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Sometimes confused with emerald cut diamonds, princess cut diamonds are similar to emerald cut diamonds with a few key differences. Princess cut diamonds are typically more square than emerald cut and have an entirely unique facet structure.

While both cuts are iconic, princess cut diamonds are more modern and trendy than their emerald cut counterparts.

A clean minimalist design like this vintage style princess cut diamond engagement ring lets the center stone take on the eye’s full attention. Princess cut diamonds stand out due to their distinctive cuts which line to the center for an angular kaleidoscopic effect.

White round diamonds accentuate the band and central diamond.

Vintage Inspired Oval Cut Diamond Rings

Oval cut diamonds are such a unique contrast to the many other diamond cuts due to their elongated and soft shape. While other diamonds emphasize their hard edges, oval cut diamond engagement rings offer a softer resplendent nature to the eye and reflect light in one-of-a-kind ways.

This vintage style oval cut diamond ring is a love letter to classic style. The opulent oval center stone is surrounded by a double halo of round white diamonds, and immaculate metalwork.

The open arches underneath the main stone setting give the ring a divine veneer.

oval vintage engagement ring hidden halo setting

The hidden halo setting of this solitaire engagement ring style transforms this ring from ordinary into extraordinary. This oval cut center stone is flourished by an underhalo of round white diamonds which are also set on the profile sides of the 18k white gold band.


Custom Vintage Style Engagement Rings

If you’ve read this far without finding something that catches your eye, we’d love for you to contact us about the ring of your dreams.

Our master jewelers can handcraft and wax cut a once-in-a-lifetime custom engagement ring that represents the eternity of your love.