What is a Halo Diamond Ring?

Halo diamond rings are a style that takes a large center stone and surrounds it with smaller stones. These surrounding settings are often referred to as the pavé or pavement for the way they wind around the center stone like a paved diamond road. 

The surrounding diamonds in the pavé serve two purposes. They magnify the brilliance of the center diamond, as well as help to protect it from any bumps or knocks during everyday life. 

Halo Diamond Engagement Rings Customized to Your Style

One of the reasons halo diamond rings styles remain fashionable is how much you can do with this type of setting. 

Every diamond shape from princess cut and  marquise to pear shaped diamonds can be set in a halo style for a piece of fine jewelry that is as magnificent as your love. Options don’t stop there: our most artistic brides use the halo design to incorporate colored gems like pink diamonds, sapphires, or even precious metals like 18k rose gold and platinum. 

Halo settings also give brides more options when  placing diamonds in the ring. Brides that choose to leave out additional diamonds in the band allow the halo and center stone to take the full spotlight. Adding diamonds in the band gives the ring a more timeless and regal style.

You can create a halo diamond engagement ring that is truly as unique and wondrous as your love, and our master jewelers would be honored to help bring that vision to life.

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