Retro Glam Pieces

Style is an ever-evolving notion. There is no denying that the styles of the past continue to influence the looks of today. When it comes to adding a few retro glam pieces into your otherwise modern collection of jewelry, we have the three easiest ways to accomplish this goal without looking out of place. Here are the three things to look for when selecting this type of style.



When looking to add a few retro glam pieces to your look, the easiest way to do so is with a pair of bold earrings. For a pair of earrings that embody the retro glam look, there are certain characteristics to look for in terms of style. For instance, bold does not mean gaudy or over the top which is a mistake many people make when choosing bold earrings. Instead, you should look for elements such as a pop of color that is tastefully noticeable without being present in the entire design, intricate detailing throughout the design, and a dramatic dangle effect for the most pizzazz.



Of course, the easiest way to add retro glam pieces is with the ultimate accessory of the past. With a beautiful cocktail ring, you can elevate your style while honoring a tradition of the 1950’s when glamour was an every weekend affair in many elite circles. Cocktail party rings are bold in design with lavish embellishments such as intricate engravings of scrolls, accent stones of vibrant hues, and a main setting to make the neighbors jealous.



Another way to honor the retro glamour of the past is by incorporating pieces with floral elements. Floral designs definitely bring to mind a retro vibe while retaining an elegance fitting for the modern woman. From a beautiful necklace with a pendant shaped into flower petals out of stirring gemstones to a pair of earrings designed to look like flowers are cascading from your earlobe, a touch of floral is always a welcomed addition for a glamorous, retro appeal