What Are You Committed To?


Simon G. Jewelry has launched its new ad campaign, centered on the theme of Commitment.

Commitment can mean many things to different people. Someone can be committed to family, career, friends, pets, or personal growth. Simon G. knows the worth of commitment over the long term, and our work every day honors our legacy. Our commitment to design and excellent value is unwavering. We have decades of knowledge and experience that we are eager to share.

A true commitment shows dedication to shared betterment through personal connection and sacrifice, where magically or matter-of-factly 1+1 = 3; an added value of love that only a brand that itself has stayed committed could truly know.

The theme of Commitment carries through more than just an ad campaign, it is the foundation for all that we do.


To bring this theme to life, we crafted images that are bold, modern, and memorable. They express our pride in our jewelry, a nod to the sophistication of you, our consumers, and further solidifies our unique offerings. They are fashion-forward and showcase new ways to wear our jewelry.

Hashtags associated with this campaign include #CommittedwithSimonG, #CommittedtoLove, and #CommittedtoQuality.

Keep an eye out on our social media pages as well as this website for more about about the #Committed campaign. We will be featuring stories of commitments and asking you, What are You Committed To?


We Celebrate the Power of Two. Together, We're Able to Dream Bigger and Do More. We Stand for a Commitment that Not Only Binds Us, but Makes Us Stronger. Our Jewelry is a Talisman Serving as a Reminder: We're in this Together.