large rubellite and rose gold ring

Do you know what rubellite is?

Not to be confused with ruby, rubellite is actually another name for red or dark pink tourmaline. Sometimes it is also called ‘rubellite tourmaline’ to make it clear what kind of gemstone it is. Rubellite is a wonderfully intense colored gemstone since tourmaline can naturally achieve incredibly saturated and bright colors. Rubellite is a gorgeous gemstone that is not as well known as other kinds of gems like sapphire or rubies.

filigree white gold rubellite ring on hand with flowers in background

Simon G’s Rubellites

Our favorite tones of rubellite have intense brightness and depth. Our red rubellites seem to burn with their own internal flame, and our pinker rubellites resemble raspberry candy. These are certainly eye-catching stones, able to be seen from across the room.

large pink rubellite gemstone ring

How do I take care of a rubellite?

Do rubellites require any kind of special care? Not really! They should be treated the same as any other kind of tourmaline or special gemstone. With gentle cleansing, and no hard knocks, and they will shine for years to come!

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