Thanksgiving Flowers

Fall Colored Flowers
Is there anything better than fresh flowers to liven up your home?
a purple, orange and red flower bouquet held outside
Walking into a room with a fresh florals is a sure way to brighten a mood. Especially as evenings darken and days grow cooler, we love colorful ways to add beauty and cheer to the season. 
fall tablescape
Although fresh blossoms are considered more in springtime, there are plenty of flowers and plants appropriate for autumn. We reached out to our friends at Flourish Flower Farm to find out any tips and tricks for how to create the perfect fall floral arrangement:
"Autumnal colors are some of my absolute favorites. The warm peach, terracotta, rust and mustard tones perfectly highlight the changing seasons and leaves. Adding textures such as grasses and dried seed pods is a great way to add texture and a seasonal twist to a Thanksgiving arrangement. I also love adding seasonal fruits like persimmons and mini pumpkins into a Thanksgiving tablescape."
autumn bouquet
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