Rubies: The King Of Gemstones

Rubies have been revered for centuries as stones of protection, passion, and power. 
Their intense red color and their hardness (sapphires and rubies are the second hardest precious gems after diamonds!) make them a wonderful choice for jewelry. 
ruby rings
We spoke with Heather Murphy of The Center of One about the meanings of this incredible gemstone. 
The color red has connotations of confidence and invincibility-
think of a business power suit of all red, or the attention grabbing effect of red lipstick. 
ruby and diamond ring
Rubies are much the same- they can give the wearer the security and protection to stay grounded, confident to speak your truth in the world. Think of how the molten core of the earth lies beneath the land mass of earth - that is the sort of fiery yet supportive energy that rubies give off. 
To enhance rubies protective energy, Heather recommends setting your intention with this mantra:
  “I have, I accept my life.  I have, and I am rooted in life and in myself.
I have, and I am stable safe and secure."
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