What Is A Hidden Halo Ring?

Unlike traditional halo style engagement rings, a hidden halo ring features a pavé or similar setting encircling the base of the center stone. In other words, a traditional halo can be viewed from above whereas a hidden halo can only be seen from the sides. 

A hidden halo accentuates the center stone while allowing it to shine on its own. It also provides additional angles for light to interact with the stones – this is an especially impressive feature when a diamond center stone is paired with a hidden halo of diamonds.

Why Choose A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

Hidden halos are an impressive ring style and are chosen for several reasons. One of the most obvious reasons is the elegance inherent in the design. A band of smaller side diamonds adds an extra dimension to the main center stone of the ring. For a bride searching for a more elegant look, or one that emphasizes the beauty of diamonds, this is a highly desirable effect. 

However, hidden and traditional halo rings also provide a multitude of custom gemstone combinations. Brides searching for a remarkable ring that speaks volumes about their personality will find that a hidden halo can create unique contrasts. For example, the pavé set side stones can be a colored gem, like sapphire or ruby, for a stark contrast with a diamond center stone. Conversely, a colored gemstone center can be paired with a base of smaller diamonds for an eye-catching sparkle that draws attention to the encircled gem. 

Ultimately, the right ring should match the style of the bride, and offer a look she’ll happily wear for many years to come. 

Expertly Crafted Hidden Halo Designs

If you know your bride-to-be will love the unique beauty of a hidden halo engagement ring, trust the master jewelry designers at Simon G. for your big moment.

Our jewelers understand and appreciate the craft of fine jewelry. From start to finish, they take creative designs and realize remarkable rings crafted to perfection. Our hidden halo collection features stunning designs that show off the depth of diamonds – many pair a center stone with both hidden halos and diamonds set in the band for an all-around sparkle. Shop Simon G. for your special moment. 

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