A Guide to the Most Popular Ring Settings

Styles and tastes will always change but the most popular ring settings have lasted over hundreds of years! In fact, the first rings were made from everything from flint, and bone, to ivory, or even bronze. 

Eventually, people made rings using precious metals, such as gold and silver as a sign of love or betrothal. For example, the diamond engagement ring was born when Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a ring with diamonds mounted in an M-shaped setting.

What is a ring setting?

Much has changed since the days of the Archduke, as jewelry makers have continued to create different types of settings through the years. A ring’s setting is the structure that holds gems securely in place while contributing to the style of the ring. 

Above all, ring settings are designed to show gems in their best light. As a result, each type of setting serves a different purpose, whether it’s to allow the light to add a little sparkle to the beauty of an engagement ring or to hold a row of stones securely in place in an eternity ring. Below are some of the most popular ring settings. 

The Most Popular Ring Setting: Prong Setting

The prong setting uses precisely arranged prongs to hold stones in place. The solitaire prong setting is one of the most popular engagement ring settings. If you've seen an engagement ring, there's a good chance it was a prong setting. You will also see prong settings used in other single stone and multi-stone rings. This setting typically uses four or six prongs to hold a single stone in place. 

Halo Setting

A halo setting features a ring of small stones that surround a larger, more prominent stone. Halo setting rings give the illusion of a larger stone, and you will often see a halo design used in engagement ring settings or right-hand ring settings. Halo settings may appear in a circle, oval, or square arrangement. By comparison, a hidden halo setting places a halo of stones below the center stone.

Pave Setting

A pave setting features many tiny stones set closely together in rows that are in line with the ring’s surface. You can often find pave settings used in engagement rings, where they may appear on top of the bands. Because the stones are so close together and so tiny, the result often looks like one continuous sparkly path of diamonds. Pave settings use smaller, more affordable stones to achieve a high-impact and high-end appearance.

Bezel Setting

An engagement ring with a bezel setting uses a thin metal rim to secure a stone completely or partially. Often, bezel settings are one of the most durable and secure settings because of their low profile. Its design provides a smooth surface that is resistant to snagging clothing or scratching the skin. This makes bezel settings a great option for those who work with their hands.

Channel Setting

A channel setting features gemstones bordered by two parallel rows of metal. This popular type of setting has gemstones set next to each other without any metal separation. In addition, a channel setting is durable because the stones are braced by metal. Typically, channel settings are used for wedding rings and anniversary rings.

Cluster Setting

Jewelers create a cluster setting by having small stones placed very close together. Sometimes, clusters are configured into a starburst or flower shape, which can give them a vintage look. A cluster setting gives the illusion of a larger stone, and it is commonly used for engagement rings or right-hand rings.

Gypsy Setting

Stones are set flush with the metal surfaces of a ring In a gypsy setting. This gives the stones a recessed look, and they are securely held in place by the metal surrounding them. This setting works well with smooth band designs that are commonly found in wedding rings and men’s rings. 

Bar Setting

A bar setting features thin, metal bars that are set between individual stones to hold them firmly in place. Bar settings can be used with a few stones or with an entire band of stones. You often see bar settings used in contemporary style wedding bands or eternity bands. Rings with bar settings are an excellent choice for those who are active. This is because the bars tend to sit low and have smooth surfaces.

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