Exquisite Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

Pear shaped diamond rings are becoming increasingly popular. This unique style uses its uncommon diamond shape to create a brilliant sparkle when struck by the light. 

Add a  romantic flair that’s equal parts passionate and enduring to your engagement with a pear shaped diamond.

How to Wear a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

Unlike square cut or round diamonds which are normally symmetrical, pear shaped diamonds have a round edge and then a much narrower rounded point opposite. 

This leads people to wonder, which is the right way to wear it? The truth is there is no right way, after all, it is your ring. 

Traditionally, a pear shaped diamond ring is worn with the narrow end point towards the tip of your finger. In fact, that’s how these diamonds get their nickname as “teardrop diamonds” because it looks like a joyous teardrop on your finger. Still, you can also wear the narrow end pointed toward your wrist for a bold look that naturally directs the eye.

Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Settings

Pear shaped diamonds are incredibly versatile and that’s why our master jewelers love finding new and exciting ways to set these engagement rings.

Here are the style settings we offer for pear shaped diamond rings:

What makes pear shaped diamonds so special is their ability to complement secondary diamonds as well as be complemented by those same accessory diamonds. An asymmetrical style will take the already unique pear shaped diamond to another level of designer-chic, while a three stone or halo setting will help to provide a much more traditional and stately look. That’s why a pear shape diamond ring is as popular on the runway as it is in palaces.

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